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Mexican Street Eats

Have a delicious speed bite 

Our Street eats are made with our daily made Mexican Meats, our unique flavor will have you coming back for more, from our tacos to our Tortas !
Choose your meat:

Grilled Chicken                               Azada                      Chorizo                         Enchilada  
chicken grilled on griddle                                  Grilled Steak                     Guajillo Spiced ground pork        Thinly sliced guajillo pork

Chicken Milanese                          Cecina                     Lengua                          Alpastor
Breaded chicken breast in herbs                              Thin sliced skirt steak          Beef Tongue                                   Sliced guajillo pork with
Beef Milanese                                 Bistec                      Carnitas                        Suadero
Breaded thin beef in herbs                                      Thinly sliced beef                  Crispy pork belly                            Beef brisket

                                                                             Weekend Special : Barbacoa  Goat Meat   

  1.                   Tacos
    Soft Corn Tortillas with Meat of your choice, topped with cilantro and onion, sprinkle a little lime on top ,and enjoy ! Picture contains: Chorizo Tacos
  2.               Tostadas
    Crunchy Tortilla topped with *Black refried beans,lettuce,meat of your choice, fresh Mexican Cheese, Mexican Cream and red tomato. Picture contains: Grilled Chicken Tostada
  3.                Burritos
    Flour Tortilla, Filled with meat, refried beans,lettuce and tomato. Topped with Mexican cream, mozzarella cheese and sauce of choice. Picture contains: Green Sauce Burrito filled with Grilled Steak.
  4.                  Cemita
    The traditional Cemita Poblana is made of our soft sesame seed roll, topped with mayonnaise ,refried beans, meat of choice,Oaxaca Cheese,ham, papalo,avacado and red chili peppers (optional*) picture contains: Chorizo Cemita
  5.                    Torta
    The traditional Torta is made of our Mexican Crusty Roll, topped with mayonnaise ,refried beans, lettuce, meat of choice, Oaxaca cheese,avacado,sliced onion and Jalapeño Peppers and carrots (optional*) Picture contains: Chicken Milanese
  6.                   Gringa
    Flour Tortilla,topped with melted mozzarella cheese, meat of choice and chopped cilantro and onion. Sauce is optional* Picture contain: Chorizo Gringa, topped with Guacamole sauce
  1.                Quesadilla
    Flour Tortilla topped with meat of choice ,lettuce,tomato, Mexican cream,fresh cheese and avocado. Picture contains: Chicken Milanese Quesadilla
  2.        Barbacoa (goat meat)
    Barbacoa (goat meat)
    Weekend Special* Choose Mexican Goat Meat for your filling on the weekends! marinated in our traditional herbs . also available by pound .
Sides Included: xsmall Green or red sauce, grilled Jalapeno Peppers and Scallions

Side Options-   Avacado $1.00        Oaxaca Chesse $1.00     Guacamole $1.00

Extra Sauce -      X Small $0.50          Small $2.00      Medium $4.00    Large  $10.00


Oaxaca Cheese: Mexican Style Mozarella or string Chesse
Cilantro :Coriander herb

Great food, great atmosphere, great time!